Soul Night

One of the things we have missed so far this year is our regular Tuesday night soul nights, but do not worry they are coming back! We had hoped that we might be able to run these sessions in three formats: Zoom, Facebook and in real life (we were way ahead on the three tier system) but with the prospect of an actual Tier 3, I think we we should resist the temptation to meet together in real life.

So, for the foreseeable future we will operate Soul Space on two platforms: Zoom and Facebook. We will meet each week on Zoom at 7.30pm to watch a short video together and have a discussion afterwards. If you can’t make the Zoom meeting, you wake up at 3am with a burning question after the Zoom meeting, or you want to continue the conversation long after the Zoom time runs out, do not worry, the same content will be available after the Zoom meeting for you to watch and discuss on our new Facebook Discipleship group.

If you haven't already found the link to the new Facebook Group, here it is I look forward to some good discussion on there in the next few weeks.

**And, if you know someone who'd love to take part who can't or won't access Facebook or Zoom I can email the content to them (although the large group discussion might be a bit more difficult to facilitate, but we can do our best!)