white altar flowersThe St. Mary’s flower ladies try to ensure that there are flowers on the altar at St. Mary’s each week. The group of seven ladies order, arrange and look after the flowers on a two-weekly rota throughout the year. None of the arrangers are professionals and apart from two of us, the rest have had no formal flower arranging training - we just have a love of flowers.

On their particular two week ‘tour of duty’ the arranger orders the flowers (we have accounts at three local florists) or alternatively buys them elsewhere and is reimbursed with the cost. The two week rota is a fairly new arrangement. It was tried to see if the arrangements could last over a two week period thus saving money and it has been very successful although it’s not always possible if there is a wedding or special event.

Val Timms looks after the pastoral candle and side altar each week and liaises with whoever’s week it is regarding the colour scheme. Whenever there is a wedding , or if a donation has been given for flowers on a particular week, the flower arrangers are more than happy to work to a specific colour scheme, otherwise they ‘do their own thing’. Whoever Paascal candle with Harvest colours  arrangemnet donates money for flowers is not expected to arrange them - unless they wish to do so of course!

For the special times in the church calendar - Easter, Harvest, Christmas etc., the group has an informal discussion about the colour scheme, choice of flowers etc. A suitable date and time is arranged and as many of us as possible appear and work as a team to decorate the church.

We are always open to newcomers and new ideas so if you feel like joining us you will be given a warm welcome.

Sue Barlow – Flower Rota Organiser