Harvest Donations for Booth Centre

St Mary The Virgin Harvest Appeal 2020

This year we are collecting donations for the Booth Centre. This is a community centre run with and for people affected by homelessness. Our Harvest appeal will help them to provide free food and drinks for their visitors.  They are running activities in the Booth Centre again and everyone that visits receives a cooked breakfast and lunch which offers 3 of people's 5 a day

Please bring your donation, in carrier bags, to the back door of the church between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday 3rd October. Please observe social distancing and we will quarantine all the donations for 72 hours before they are taken to the centre.

They particularly need:

Tinned tuna, corn-beef and ham

Tinned veg and baked beans

Tinned potatoes and tomatoes

Tinned fruit and custard

Rice, pasta, spaghetti

Herbs, spices, gravy granules

Coffee and sugar


We pray for the homeless,

and those who depend on the charity of others.

We pray for the work of the Booth Centre,

and local foodbanks, providing food for those in need.

Help us to share the harvests of the world more fairly,

so everyone can be fed and there will be no more starvation.