Fair Trade

The ideals of Fairtrade have been gathering strength over the past few years with some big commercial names signing up and some towns going Fairtrade, although organisations have been working for some thirty years with a mission to fight World poverty through trade; self-help methods that help poor people in developing countries to transform their lives.
The Parochial Church Council adopted the Fairtrade Pledge and we have been a Fairtrade church for nearly five years. Our Fairtrade stall opened four years ago to sell Fairtrade products from Traidcraft our Newcastle based supplier. Traidcraft is a Christian organisation founded in 1979 selling, at first tea and coffee, now expanding into many other types of foodstuffs, clothes, decorative items, etc. Our stall is operated by some of the older Sunday school children. If you haven’t found us yet, please come to have a look at what we have to sell, look at the catalogue and remember that we are supporting a fairer World.

Liz, Shirley and Ian – Fairtrade Organisers