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Junior Church Walking on Water

floating on waterwet handsZara's pictureart tableOn Sunday 13th August we listened to the story of the storm on the water and Jesus being there to help us. We had fun with 'Catch a duck' , wetting our feet and making footprints (or hand prints) to follow Jesus. Our art work was tissue waves and the disciples boat and Jesus walking on Water. We finished by making a boat out of chairs and singing

'Row Row Row the boat, the sea is very rough. We are feeling very scared but Jesus helps us so much'

On Sunday 30th July we learnt about the parable of the yeast and the special things we can do for God.

Wonderful things happen from something as small as a grain of yeast.

We did a science experiment with yeast, bottles and balloons.

We baked, ate and shared tasty bread.

our bread rollsbread roll messageWe thought about 
bread blessinghow we could tell others about Jesus. 


preparing dough

Young People
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