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The St Mary’s photo gallery is now held on an external photo sharing website called Picasa 3.
To view any Photo Gallery, click on the photographs you wish to view, this will take you directly to the selected photo gallery.
However, Picasa 3 may open in the task bar at the bottom of your screen and you may need to  maximise it to view the photos.
When the gallery opens, click on the icon “Slideshow” at the top left hand side of the screen to view all the photos in the gallery.

 Snow at St Marys - January 2011 - Copyright © David Mackereth- 2011.

Easter 2011 - Copyright © Yvonne Mackereth- 2011.

The Royal Wedding - April 2011 - Copyright © Yvonne Mackereth & Sandra Shelley 2011.

Ordination of Andrea Jones as a Priest - Copyright © Yvonne Mackereth & Andrea Shepherd 2011

Remembrance Service - 2011 - Copyright Yvonne Mackereth

Photo Gallery
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