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05-Hand, Ronald

22nd JULY 1895 - 13th MAY 1916

Ronald was born in Blackburn on 22nd July 1895, he was baptised at St Paul’s Church Blackburn on 28th August 1895.

His parents were Thomas born in 1871 in Blackburn, who was a solicitor and Jane Ann Cowling born in 1873 in Blackburn.

Jane Ann died in 1906 and Thomas in 1919.

Ronald’s brother Geoffrey Cowling Hand 1904-1929 was baptised at St Matthew’s Church, Stretford on 10th July 1904.

Ronald emigrated to Canada on the Megantic when he was 16 to join his Uncle Frederick who had emigrated there in 1896. He arrived in Canada on 9th April 1912, his father paid his fare.

Ronald joined the 5th Battalion of the Canadian Infantry. He Died of Wounds in the Field, Belgium on 13th May 1916. His unit was in the trenches near The Bluff Ypres .

Ronald is buried in Woods Military Cemetery.

He is remembered on the family headstone in Urmston Cemetery and by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

War Memorial-WW1
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