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00-Incumbents during WW1

The Incumbent (Vicar) at St Mary's during the whole of World War1 wasThomas Dugdale Harland M.A. 1890-1919.

Thomas was born in Salford in December 1845. He attended Clare College and received a degree in 1868. He was ordained as a Curate by the Bishop of Manchester at St. John’s Church, Heaton Mersey. He is recorded as being at the Parish Church of Padiham in July 1880. Thomas was a curate in St. Matthews’s Church in Stretford in May 1881. He married Mary Coulson in 1883 and the local paper noted that both of their sisters were bridesmaids dressed in sage green satin. In February 1885 Thomas became an incumbent in Davyhulme, becoming the first Vicar of St. Mary’s Church Davyhulme, his patron was Robert Henry Norreys.
Following his retirement Thomas lived with Mary at Collingwood, Davyhulme until his death on 1st February 1920, he is buried in Urmston cemetery and his gravestone bears testament to his being the first vicar of St. Mary’s Church.

War Memorial-WW1
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