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2 - Archive News - 2008

22nd JULY 2008
Restoration of the Parish War Memorial

The cleaning and renovation of the parish war memorial, which commemorates those men of
St. Mary’s parish & school who died in the Great War 1914-1918, has now finally been completed.

The restoration of the war memorial has been timed so that the memorial would be restored and looking smart for the 90th anniversary of armistice day, 11th November 1918.

The small untidy looking plants surrounding the war memorial are box trees, hopefully. in the fullness of time we will have a neatly clipped small box hedge on three sides of the memorial.

Grateful thanks are due to all those people who contributed to the cost of restoration of the parish war memorial.


13th JULY 2008
National Gardens Scheme- 19/20th JULY 2008

Bob & Beryl Wheeler will be opening their garden at Brookfield, 11 Irlam Rd, Flixton next saturday and sunday, 19/20th July, 2pm to 5pm, under the National Gardens Scheme (NGS) which supports several health care charities (see the July ‘Focus’).

On sunday the proceeds from the sale of refreshments, cakes etc. will be donated to St Mary’s Church.

If you are able to help by baking a cake or two, please call Bob or Beryl on 0161 748 6985

12th JULY 2008
Parish Funday 16th August- 2 pm

Don’t forget to put the date on your calendar or in your diaries.

St Mary’s is having a parish funday on saturday 16th August from 2pm onwards.

There will be lots of great activities and games to take part in for all the family.

Some of our competitions include a penalty shoot-out, or how about a leisurly game of french boules, who will be crowned king or queen of the game

And best of all, don’t forget the teatime barbeque which is to be enjoyed by all.

Even if you want to just come and sit and watch all the fun and antics of St Mary’s Parish go by with a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit pop down and join us...

Everyone is welcome, whatever your age, and we look forward to seeing you for what will be an enjoyable afternoon of fun, games, happiness and freindship at St Mary’s, Davyhulme.

Guess the name of St Mary’s “themepark”. The winning name will be announce on the day. A small prize for the most original idea.

Please put your entry in the box at the back of church, or contact :-

Angela May @ angelamay2@btinternet.com
Yvonne Mackereth @ yvonnemackereth@sky.com

1st JULY 2008
Our New Website

At long last, after weeks of trials & tribulations, we were finally able to publish our new website Layout on 21st June 2008. By the end of June we had succeeded in re-creating almost all the features of the old website.

The management of the website is now completely in the hands of myself and our new assistant website editor, Mrs Margaret North, who has worked tirelessly as we both struggled to master the concepts of our new website software “NetObjects Fusion”. We both now seem to have grasped some of the basics and hopefully will become proficient in the fullness of time.

The new arrangement means that we are able to add to and improve the website on a weekly basis.

Please visit our new website at www.stmarysdavyhulme.org on a regular basis as we expect to be making frequent changes and additions to it.

If you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions for changes or additions to the Website, please e-mail me at davidmackereth@hotmail.co.uk and subject to our own technical limitations, we will attempt to incorporate any suggestions you make in the Website.

David Mackereth

Website Editor



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