New Hymn Books

Parish of St Mary the Virgin Davyhulme

One Family Hymn book

children singingThose who worship at this church will be aware that the Hymn Books we currently use are getting close to the end of their useful life. Furthermore our selection of hymns for Sunday worship needs a boost in terms of new tunes and new words. The hymnbook which is the successor to our present hymn book fits the bill in many ways. Most especially it has a remarkable number of hymns which have new words accompanied by well-known melodies. There are many hymns which address the reality of the experience of urban and city living. It is a hymn book for today’s church and will bring a freshness to worship: worship to which we all bring our talents, together with our dedicated and talented musicians and choir.

At the PCC meeting in October it was agreed we should proceed with the purchase of the new books for the congregation and choir. The first order has arrived and will be used for Advent Sunday.

We hope that as many members of the congregation as possible will feel able to contribute to the cost. And with mission in mind purchase not just one copy but maybe another for those will visit the church as prospective disciples.

£10 will purchase a words only copy

£25 will cover the cost of a choir copy.

Together we can easily cover the cost of the books we have purchased and buy additional books for our own use together with some extra for mission. These are inclusive hymn books for an inclusive growing church. Which is what –with God’s good grace – we aim to be.

Please place any donations in an envelope marked Hymn Books. You may wish to place you name on the envelope and we will publish a list of donors at the end of the appeal. If you can gift aid your donation, please indicate this on the envelope or better still use one of the special gift aid envelopes at the back of church.  Thank you.


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