Curry Club

Davyhulme Curry Club

Programme for 2017

19.00 hrs   Thursday   26th January                 Men’s Night

19.00 hrs   Thursday   23rd February                Men’s Night

19.30 hrs   Friday        17th March                   Social Dinner

19.00 hrs   Thursday   27th April                      Men’s Night

19.00 hrs   Wed           31st May                     Men’s Night

19.00 hrs   Thursday   22nd June                     Men’s Night

19.30 hrs   Friday         21st July                      Social Dinner

19.00 hrs   Thursday   24th August                   Men’s Night

19.00 hrs   Thursday   21st September              Men’s Night

19.00 hrs   Thursday   19th October                  Men’s Night

19.30 hrs   Friday        17th November              Social Dinner (Date may Change)

19.00 hrs   Thursday   7th December                Men’s Night

Davyhulme Curry Club started in Autumn 2009 and has met every month since then, although it is called a Club it has no members, no rules, no organisation, no money and everyone is welcome.

The Club visits a different local restaurant each month, not necessarily an Indian Restaurant and the bill (including a tip) is normally shared out equally between all the attendees.  The venue is decided on a month by month basis, taking into account members' recent experiences and preferences.

In 2017 there will be three (3) Social Dinners which are open to everyone, irrespective of age, sex, religion, politics etc.  Two of these dinners will probably not be at Indian restaurants. 

Because of the larger number of people attending the Social Dinners places are limited and pre-booking is required (no deposit is needed) and some restaurants may also require larger parties to pre-order their food.

The Social Dinners are on a Friday and start a little bit later at 19.30 hrs (7.30 pm), to allow families and friends to get home from work and get ready.

The Men’s Nights are held on Thursdays and start at 19.00 hrs (7.00 pm), no pre-booking is required, just turn up and enjoy the food and company.

If you are interested in attending one of our meals for the first time or you would like further information, please contact David Mackereth – E-Mail:  Phone:   0161 748 7296

January 2017